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The American Dream

Isn’t Free...

The Unites States is where Dreams can come true

for all of us...

YOU must also work very hard to create and fulfill YOUR Own Dreams.

Big Dreams are often built on even bigger sacrifices.

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Building Self-reliant Families and a Strong Nation

The Family and Freedom Preservation Foundation

Please Read This….gather your friends and co-workers…

First Annual

Build a Playhouse & Fort Building Contest

Win $1,000

Playhouse and Fort will be donated and Raffled off at Future Fundraising Events

The First Raffle to be Held - July 26, 2014 - to benefit the Famiy and Freedom Preservation Foundation. Sponsored by Extended Stay Properties and hosted by Country Gardens and Gifts in Oregon City.

The Family & Freedom Preservation Foundation is dedicated to “Real Help for Real Families”...

Helping Individuals and Families Survive ...

Real Help For Real Families is to help responsible people survive. We provide an excellent tool (our website & more) to help people survive on their own in these troubling financial times. In the future, we also hope to supply resources for Independent Individuals to build job skills through mentoring and other programs.

We’re here to assist typically self-reliant families through difficult times that generally cause temporary set-backs. No matter who you are, what you’re going through or what challenges your family may be facing, we’re here to help. Hopefully we can and offer various avenues for you to help yourself and others along the way as well.

Our Mission

We have created this website as a way for Families to help themselves and others. Our feeling is this; give people a little assistance while they can still help themselves and stay afloat, rather than waiting until they are drowning and giving up all hope.

We have lots of great plans for the future of the Family and Freedom Preservation Foundation.

Our COMING SOON page is dedicated to upcoming additions to the site as well as future events.

Our Passion

Our passion for what we do is driven by the need to create a network of great individuals who are interested in developing a support system that will help those who want to help themselves.

Pay it Forward

We believe that most people have something to give, regardless of age, social status, appearance or ability. By paying it forward, you can put yourself in a very comfortable position, “think of it as an insurance policy”, if you ever find yourself in need of a little temporary assistance, you have already paid your dues.


Grand Prize —$1000

2nd Prize — $500

3rd Prize — $250

Our Goal....

To Preserve our Families and Freedoms!!!

Our Motto...

We don’t give handouts...

We offer opportunities for people to help themselves !!!

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions about our Foundation. We are brand new and trying to be self-funded. Currently, we are funded by generous individuals like you....

We are dedicated to helping Individuals, Families and Small  Businesses when they need a little temporary assistance… especially our Veterans and Heroes.


Our goal is to discreetly  help people so they maintain their dignity and can also pay it forward for others.